white end table cabinet

White End Tables with Unique and Fantastic Animal Design

If you are going to design your living room or parlor, then the writer would like to recommend you with white end tables. Did you know what end table is? End table is a small table placed beside sofa or even bed. White small tables are especially good on wooden floor and will give beautiful touch in your room with its small size. However, sometimes it is hard to find […]

antique blue end tables

Antique End Tables: The Wood Accent Ones

There is no end in choosing end tables for our home design. Why? It is because there are various end tables produced by many manufacturers. They are all good in many kinds of home design. Each type, like vintage, rustic, antique, etc. can have special thing it has that the others do not have. If you are interested in making your room to be filled with or to be given […]

black end table dog crate

The Right Use of Tall End Tables Applied for All Rooms

Some people may be afraid in using tall end tables. It is because tall end tables need the right use and position so it does not look strange in the room. Some people prefer to get the lower height of end tables to be placed in the room. Having tall end tables does not mean to be used at the corner of the room, but it can be used for […]

steamer trunk end table luggage brown

The Ideas in Turning Trunk End Table into Modern Table

Trunk end table has identical appearance for traditional or western theme in the room. The original color and shape that are brought by the trunk table supports a lot in getting the theme. But, this trunk is not always can be used for those theme. If you are planning for something different relates to modern style, you can use this trunk to be renewed as wished. There are some ideas […]

chairside end table with magazine rack

Chairside End Table for Modern Style of Room

Choosing chairside end table not always has to be made by the wood. There are many chairside table made in vary materials follow to the style of it. Indeed, wood can fill to the modern style of room. But, glass has better material to fit with modern theme. Glass fits to the character of the modern style that upholds the simple design but designed beautifully. The glass material does not […]

linon sutton black coffee table and end table set

Tips for Coffee and End Table Set for Small Apartment

Everyone wishes to have the complete furniture to be placed in the living space. But, not all kind of residence can be filled by the furniture you already write in the checklist. Thus, you need to use trick to save the space in the room. Coffee and end table set is one of the important furniture that needs to be included in filling the room. As we know, coffee table […]